vrijdag 18 juli 2014

Band update july!

So... we promised an update. We're very excited to announce that the following bands will play at Nothing Changed Fest#2.

Or very own, one and only, Diemcity Anarchopunkband! These teenagers are full of chaos and anger and know how to make you wanna pogo!

Countdown to Armageddon
CtO is a 3-piece post-punk crust band from Seattle. Thick layers of reverb and chorus-effected darkwave riffs, sometimes reminiscent of early Killing Joke or Amebix, weave in and out of the lines between punk, hardcore, and d-beat crust

Totem Skin
TS are a sludge-influenced dark hardcore band from the Falun/Borlänge region of Sweden.

Slowly We Rot
Negative blackened grind/metalpunk threesome from Belgium. Featuring ex-Worms Feed member.

Check the brand-new-very-exclusive stream of SLOWLY WE ROT's new recordings here: http://www.cvltnation.com/exclusive-cvlt-nation-streaming-depravation-slowly-we-rot-split/

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